Yahweh's Feasts and Sabbaths are symbolic to enterering into Yahweh's eternal rest (Heb. 4:1-13). Yahweh's Feasts day and Sabbaths are a commandment (law) from Yahweh for us to keep to show we are His people (Ex. 31:13). We will show that Yahweh's Feast and Sabbaths are a blessing to those that keep them. One can see the blessings that Yahweh gives in each Feast and Sabbath.
 Mankind has days (holidays) they made for themselves, that comes from paganism, which are against the Laws of Yahweh. If mankind had kept the Laws of Yahweh, they wouldn't have felt the need for these man-made days. Yahweh's Feasts and Sabbaths blesses one physically, mentally, and spiritually. We pray that you will be able to see this as we show proof of Yahweh's Feast days and Sabbaths.
 Let's begin with the Weekly Sabbath; the weekly Sabbath, which day is it?  Yahweh created the world and everything in it, in six days, on the seventh day He created the Sabbath. Yahweh's work was finished in seven days, He rested (completed) His work (creation). Yahweh made the seventh day Holy (set apart) when He blessed and sanctified it, because He had completed His creation (Gen. 2:1-4). In keeping the Sabbath day we acknowledge that Yahweh is the creator, and on this day (seventh day)  all creation was completed by Yahweh. Yahweh tells us to remember the Sabbath day and to keep it Holy (Ex. 20:8-11) Yahweh tells us how to do this, He gave it first to the children of Israel (Ex. 16) Yahweh let's us know for six days you are to labor, but  on the seventh day we are to cease from our labors and rest in Yahweh.
  So Yahweh calls us to enter into a weekly Sabbath of resting from all our labors and pleasures and in so doing we remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy (Ex. 20:8-11 Isa. 58:13-14). Yahweh showed the children of Israel what day was the Sabbath and what not to do on it (Ex. 16:14-29). The weekly Sabbath also pictures an eternal rest (Heb.4:1-13) that we will receive at Yahshua's return. When we shall put of these clay bodies (flesh) and put on our eternal bodies (spirit){1 Cor. 15:50-53}, then we will tire no longer. Some say the seventh day Sabbath which is the seventh day of the week (saturday) was replaced by the first day of the week (sunday) because our Saviour Yahshua rose, which is not true, but even if the Saviour had rose on a sunday, that still wouldn't take away the Sabbath being on the seventh day that Yahweh said and is saying we are to keep. We stress here, the weekly Sabbath pictures that Yahweh is the creator, and creation was done in six days, the seventh day was the day of completion, Yahweh set this day apart from all other days blessed it and sanctified it, and told us to keep it His way, and not man's way, in so doing we remember the Sabbath and keeps it Holy.
 There is a physical rest to the people of Yahweh, we stop our day to day labors, and come in on the Sabbath and rest in Yahweh. Some say that means to lay around and rest, but what better way to rest in Yahweh, than to assemble yourselves together on the Sabbath, resting in Yahweh by worshipping Him and eating of His word (Heb. 10:25). Yahweh's weekly Sabbath begins sunset friday to sunset saturday. Yahweh marks time by the sunsets, as when a day begins and ends, in other  words sunset brings in darkness which begins a day, the  evening (night), then the morning (light), being a day (Gen. 1:1-5,8,13,19,23,31), but the weekly Sabbath is not the only Sabbath Yahweh has made, Yahweh has Annual Feast Days and Sabbaths we are to keep, His word tells us when and how to keep these days. There is a Eternal Rest for the children of Yahweh that keeps His Laws and Feast Days and enter into a physical rest on every weekly Sabbath, don't be like the Israelites that did not keep his Sabbath and now can not enter into His eternal rest (Heb. 4).
 The First and Second annual Feasts and Sabbaths are: Feast Of Passover and Unleavened Bread, this is a seven day Feast, this Feast has two Sabbaths, the first day and the last day. Passover begins this Feast, Yahweh told the  children of Israel how to keep this feast in Exodus 12. Notice Exodus 12:5-13, Yahweh told the children of Israel, they were to kill a male lamb without blemish, and take some of the blood and put it over their door post and at sunset  go into their houses and stay in the house, under the covering of the blood, of the lamb until morning.  And  eat the lamb with bitter herbs ( symbolic to the hard bondage that they had in egypt) and unleavened bread (symbolic to the haste that Yahweh brought them out of bondage). And that night  when He sent the death Malakim (angel) out to strike the first born of egypt, it would pass them by if the blood was on their door post. Today, Yahshua is our passover lamb, and His blood is the blood that we put over our door post (soul) that causes the death malakim (eternal death) to pass us by.On the day Yahshua was crucified He became our passover (Matt. 26:26-28, 1Cor. 5:7, Isa. 53:7, John 1:29,36, Acts 8:32, 1Peter 1:19).
 Feast of Unleavened bread begins on the same night as passover, for seven days the children of Israel were told to eat unleavened bread, we are told in Exodus 12:15-16 how to keep this feast. This Feast has two Sabbaths the first day and the seventh day, these are holy convocations and no work is to be done (Ex. 12:16). The Feast of Passover and Unleavened bread is a seven day Feast, on the first day of this Feast we are to eat the Passover  with unleavened bread, and eat unleavened bread for seven days,(take out all leaven products out of our house such as: bread, cookies, cakes etc. Deu. 16:3-4) although we physically keep this Feast annually at it's appointed time, by eating  lamb which is symbolic to Yahshua, by drinking wine (not grape juice) which is symbolic to His blood, eating bitter herbs and unleavened bread. The lamb, the wine, bitter herbs, and unleavened bread is to be eaten on the first night of the Feast, six more days unleavened bread is to be eaten. This is all symbolic to the spiritual meaning of Yahshua being our Passover, His body being that lamb which has been sacrificed for our sins, and His blood, is the blood  that's over our door (soul), that gives us eternal life, and unleavened bread which pictures sin out of our lives (Heb. 9, 10:1-22), the bitter herbs symbolic to the hard bondage of sin.
 This is what the First and Second annual Feast of Passover and Unleavened Bread means, Yahweh redeemed  the children of Israel out of bondage (slavery) from egypt which is symbolic to today, Yahweh redeem the whole world through Yahshua the Messiah from bondage (which is sin) so the Passover pictures the true lamb of Yahweh (Yahshua) that has redeemed the whole world from sin and given eternal life .
 The Third annual Feast and Sabbath is: Pentecost (Feast of Harvest or Feast of Weeks), Yahweh told the children of Israel how to keep this Feast in Ex. 23:16, Lev. 23:16, Num. 28:26. They were to count fifty days or seven Sabbaths from the last Sabbath of Feast of Unleavened Bread at which time they were to offer up new grain from their first harvest, this day being a Sabbath a Holy Convocation no work. This Feast is symbolic to the out pouring of the Holy Spirit which was received on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-4). This Feast also pictures the first fruits, Yahshua being the first fruit of the resurrection. And  spiritually being born again through the Holy Spirit which makes you new (new grain or first fruit). This Feast is a Holy Convocation a Sabbath, we keep this Feast at it's appointed time, we gather together in praise and worship thanking Yahweh that we are saved and filled with His precious Holy Spirit, coming to Him as new grain offering. 
 The Fourth annuaul  Feast and Sabbath: The Feast of Trumpets, Yahweh showed the children of Israel how to keep this Feast Lev.23:23-25. As a Sabbath of rest a Holy Convoation with the blowing of trumpets. Trumpet blowing in the time of the Isaraelites, which Yahweh gave to the children of Israel, signify different occasions (Num. 10:1-10) trumpets were blown with a certain sound to signify whether to gather together for meetings, to signify at what time to take up camp and move, and in what order, to signify when they went to war, also was blown at the appointed Feasts. Today we keep the Feast of Trumpets as a Holy Convocation with the blowing of trumpets which is a spiritual reminder of all that Yahweh has brought us through, and a spiritual warning of things to come, our voices, as symbolic trumpets, are being blown of oncoming danger, for those who are not living for Yahweh will face. And also blown as a day of gladness of Yahshua's return to those who are living for Yahweh.
 The Fifth annual Feast and Sabbath: Day of Atonement, we are shown in Lev. 23:27-32, Num. 29:7, how to keep this Feast, this is the only time that Yahweh requires us to fast (inflicting your souls) in fasting it brings us closer to being at one with Yahweh. When we fast it puts flesh under subjection, and gives us more of a spiritual mind, also shows Yahweh we are willing to sacrifice, and it humbles us before him.
  In Lev. 16  Yahweh shows the children of Israel how to keep this Feast. Once a year at the appointed time the high priest was to take two goats and present them to Yahweh for the sins of the people, that they committed unintentionally (Lev. 16:8-10). One goat was to be killed as a sin offering to make atonement for the people, the other goat was presented alive to Yahweh for atonement for the people.       Through the shedded blood of the sin offering (Lev. 16:9) the people were forgiven for the sins they committed, the scapegoat that was presented alive, the high preist was to lay hands on this goat and confess all the sins of the childern of Israel on its head and let it go in the wilderness (Lev. 16:10,21-22) this was all done until our Saviour Yahshua was to come, not only can He take away our sins, but he can cleanse us from being sinners and give us eternal life (Heb.10, Isa.53), through Yahshua's blood, He is our sin offering which is the new and better covenant. Satan is the scapegoat that is loosed in the wilderness (world) to this day. At the Second Coming of  Yahshua all sins will fall on the head of satan where it originated from(John 12:31, 2 Cor. 4:4, Rev. 12:9, 20:1-3,10), satan is the author of sin, in that day we will be truly at one with Yahweh.
This is  what the Day of Atonment means and the way we keep it today, being Saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, through the blood of Yahshua it brings spiritual oneness with Yahweh. We keep this Feast which is a High Sabbath and a day of fasting (Lev. 16:29) assembling ourselves together in worship and praise. Praising Yahweh for His Son Yahshua our redeemer, keeping this Feast until our change come and we will be all spiritual (no flesh or blood) and truly one with Yahweh (Day Of Atonement: Being at Oneness with Our Father).
 The Six and Seventh Annual Feast and Sabbath: The Feast of Tabernacle and The Last Great Day, Yahweh showed the Children of Israel and us in (Lev. 23:34-44, Num. 29:12-35 ,Exodus 12:16, Deu. 16:13-15, Neh. 8:14-18)  how to keep this Feast. This Feast has two Sabbaths, the first and last day. Exodus 23:16 shows that this Feast was kept at the end of harvest, which is symbolic to Yahshua's gathering of the last harvest of the Saints at Yahshua's return (Matt. 24:31, 1 Thes. 4:16). The Children of Israel was to keep this Feast in Thanking and Praising Yahweh for how He had blessed them through the years harvest, by taking a tenth of their harvest (Deu. 14:23, Lev. 23:37-38) shows this is the second tithing that is to be used on the Feast, besides the first tithing that goes to Yahweh ( Gen. 28:22. Lev. 27:30. Mal. 3:8-10, Deu. 14:22) as stated earlier they are to take the second  tithe of their produce and go to the place that Yahweh chooses to put His name, and have a Feast to Yahweh for seven days. They had two Sabbaths the first and last day, which was a Sabbath of rest no work.
They were Holy Convocations (which means to  assemble together) Lev. 23:35-36. They were also told to build booths (Lev. 23;42-43, Neh. 8:14-17) to live in them for seven days, which was a reminder that they dwelt in booths when Yahweh brought them out of Egypt. We keep the Feast of Tabernacle and Last Great Day today in this manner: Every Year at it's appointed time we go to the place that Yahweh chooses (we know that the true place is in New Jerusalem at Yahshua's Return. Rev. 3:12, Rev. 21:1-3,10). Some say that's why they don't keep the Feast of Tabernacle or any of Yahweh's Feast Days there is not a Temple or a New Jerusalem. But this a deception of satan to keep people from observing or obeying Yahweh's Laws. But the word clearly states (Deu. 12:21, 14:24-26) if the place is too far, we are to still observe Yahweh's Feast in our gates (our cities). Yahweh show us at it's appointed time what city, we are to keep the Feast of Taberncale and Last Great Day in. And whatever city He Leads us to,His Name abides there because we carry His name with us. So we take our second tithing and go to the place Yahweh chooses (city or town) and we stay in hotels (symbolic to booths) that Yahweh shows us to abide in. We buy whatever our hearts desire, that is not out of the will of Yahweh! And we feast and enjoy before Yahweh for seven days, physically and spiritually. On the first day of The Feast of Tabernacle is a Sabbath of rest no work, a Holy Convocation, we assemble together in Praise and Worship to Yahweh, and the last day which is the eightth day of the Feast, The Last Great Day a Holy Convocation a Sabbath of rest, and observed the same as the first day.
 The Spiritual meaning of The Feast of Tabernacle and the Last Great Day is this: this Feast is symbolic to when Yahshua will come in the Last Great Day, to gather in the end harvest (the elect) we are pilgrims and sojourners in a foreign country, waiting on the gathering of the last harvest, that we will be in (if we are found in Yahshua) that Yahshua will bring in, at His return. There will be no more cares of this life, won't have to study war no more, no more trouble, pain or sorrow (Isa. 2:4, Rev. 21:4). This is why Yahweh gives us a second tithing for this Feast so we can have a touch of what it would be like when Yahshua returns. When we go on this Feast we are leaving all our troubles behind us for at least eight days. But after awhile it won't be temporary. We will be with Yahweh and Yahshua forevermore. So we go for eight days on The Feast of Tabernacle and The Last Great Day, not thinking on our day to day cares, but Thinking On and Praising Yahweh for the day, that The Feast of Tabernacle and The Last Great Day, and all that it Stands For, We Will Have Attained. So we Feast on His Promise and this Hope, that our Change will Come, and the Joy we Feel cannot compare to what it will be like when Yahshua returns. We Praise and Thank Yahweh!
 Here is some Scriptures to show that Yahshua and His Disciples kept the Sabbath and the Feast Days:  Mark 1:21, Mark 3:1-2, Mark 6:2, 15:42, Luke 2:41-42, 4:16,30,31, 6:6-9, 13:10, 23:54,56,  John 5:1, 7:2,10,14,37, Acts 2:1, 13:14-15,44, 16:13, 17:1-2, 18:4, 20:16, Matt. 28:1
  We Pray Yahweh Open Up Your Understanding Through The Holy Spirit!   

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